U Fanale

Since 2011, the AQUABLUE POLYETHYLENE range combines all the advantages of the AQUABLUE / Blumarine know-how in terms of design, deck ergonomics, pleasure on the water and safety, while adding the latest technologies from rotomolding.

Manufactured on the basis of an ultramodern industrial process (machine and tooling), in high density polyethylene tri-layer the BALADO R and BALADO K are very robust.

 They have a surface condition close to that of the fiber.

 The pedal boat: the activity par excellence for young and old, sportsmen and women, or those who just want to relax

Aquablue brightens up your beaches with its nice looking pedal boats made of fiber or polyethylene.

U Fanale is the representative of the brand AQUABLUE in Corsica.

Pédalo Aquablue<br />
aquablue pedal boats

The BALADO R polyethylene tri-layer

The passenger seating configuration makes the BALADO R the most comfortable and safe pedal boat on the market. A true 5-seater, perfect for families, the passengers sitting opposite each other enjoy the conviviality of the deck of the BALADO R.

Length : 4,04 m
Width : 1,75 m
Weight : 144 kg
Capacity : 5 persons

The BALADO K polyethylene

Voluntarily inspired by the BALADO R, the BALADO K with its more compact dimensions will perfectly complete your fleet.

Length: 2.35 m
Width: 1.69 m
Weight: 62 kg
Capacity: 2 adults or 4 children

You can choose from a wide range of colors