Boat license

U FANALE is your boat school located 15 minutes from Porticcio (south shore of the Gulf of Ajaccio). From 16 years old, come and take the boat license in a studious but friendly atmosphere.
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Shipyard Fanale Marine

The first Corsican brand of semi-rigid boats.

The company based in Pietrosella (South Corsica) produces quality, original and evolutionary units, specially designed for pleasure boating. The range includes five units from 6 meters to 10 meters. Each one answers to a name of emblematic marine bird of the island.

Thanks to its craftsmanship and flexibility, FANALE MARINE emphasizes the spirit of "made to measure".

Boat Transport

Boat transportation is a delicate task that requires careful planning and professional expertise. It is essential to take into account various factors to ensure a safe and trouble-free transport.
U Fanale will organize the transportation of your boat From preparing the boat to protect sensitive areas to organizing logistics and coordinating access to the pick-up and delivery point.
We do everything possible to guarantee safe transportation for your boat.

Renewal of floats

In the nautical sector, the time is ripe for questioning concerning the problem of boats at the end of their life.

What to do with a whole fleet of aging boats, some of which are ultimate waste?
Before apprehending the pure and hard deconstruction of boats with the projects of "marine breakages", it is advisable to think about their reconditioning or recycling.

Pedalos sale

U FANALE is the Corsican reseller of the BLUMARINE-AQUABLUE pedal boat brand. You are in charge of a nautical club, a restaurant or a hut with access to the beach, the pedal boat is the ideal activity for your customers. With the family, BLUMARINE-AQUABLUE pedal boats are a hit.

Floating Pontoons


Our ports are saturated. Professionals are finding it more and more difficult to work on the water. To allow our companies to develop under good conditions, we must be inventive. Create projects with dismountable floating structures offers many advantages. We will be your partner to innovate.