U Fanale

With your inland waterways license (river) and from 16 years old, navigate :

  • with all types of boats with a power of more than 4.5 kw and a length of less than 20 m;
  • on rivers, lakes and canals.

Theoretical training:

In 1 week or 15 days, our instructors prepare you for the theoretical test which consists of a QCM of 40 questions.
Our training premises are located in Pietrosella (5 minutes from the Isolella peninsula).

Practical training:

Once you have passed the theory test, get on board for the practice. Take advantage of individualized teaching based on the principle of continuous assessment. At the end of the training, your instructor validates your license and issues you a provisional certificate of achievement. You will then receive your license by mail.

You already have a coastal license?

In this case, you are exempt from the practical test.


Rates :

  • You do not have a boat license:
    • Training : 415 € TTC
    • Registration fee : 30 €.
    • Tax stamp (delivery rights): 78 €.
  • You already have a coastal license:
    • Training : 150 € TT
    • Registration fee : 30 €.

Registration form:

  • copy of your identity card
  • recent color passport photo
  • registration form Cerfa N°14681*03
  • medical certificate Cerfa N°14673*01
  • registration fee: 30 €.
  • tax stamp (delivery rights): 78 €.
  • copy of the coastal option license if already holder