U Fanale

With your offshore extension permit, you can sail :

- with any type of boat

- beyond 6 miles from a shelter

To you, long-distance sailing, crossings.


The training is accessible to people who have a coastal license. It consists of learning how to calculate and plot your route on the marine chart. You will use the Cras ruler, the different types of compasses and other traditional navigation instruments. Plot a course taking into account the drift due to the wind and the current, estimate the time of arrival at a point of passage.

Calculate the tide times. Learn precision because depending on your draft and the tide, your boat will not be able to pass anywhere, anytime.

Review the notions of marine weather. Check your safety equipment and the evolution of electronic navigation aids.

Once ready, we organize your exam session at the Ajaccio seafarers' unit where your license is validated.

Support and work tools:

  • SHOM chart N°999 deep-sea extension permit
  • Cras rule
  • grease pencil + eraser
  • dry point compass
  • calculator

Rate :

Training: 500 € TTC

Registration form:

  • copy of your identity card
  • recent color passport photo
  • registration form Cerfa N°14680*02
  • tax stamps