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In April, I'm getting my boating license

Boating license

With the nice weather, you'll feel like going to the sea again. This is the ideal time to think about getting a boat license.

To obtain the coastal option license, you must take a course at an approved boat school. This training includes theoretical courses on safety at sea, navigation, meteorology and maritime regulations, as well as practical courses on board a boat.

To be able to register for this training, you must be at least 16 years old. Once the training is completed, you must pass a theory exam and a practical exam to obtain the coastal option license. The theory exam consists of a multiple choice questionnaire on maritime regulations, safety at sea, navigation and meteorology. The practical exam consists of a sea trip with an examiner, during which he will evaluate your navigation, manoeuvring and safety skills.

If you pass both exams, you will obtain your coastal option license, which will allow you to navigate up to 6 miles from a shelter, that is to say up to a maximum distance of 6 miles from a shelter, with a motorized pleasure boat of more than 6 horsepower.

To register for our session starting April 24, contact us at 0623575501 or sarlufanale@gmail.com